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       广东中山洛弗电器有限公司是洛弗集团在中国成立的专门致力于打造墙壁开关、多功能插座等电器产品的大型跨国企业。位于广东省中山市,占地面积44000多平方米,现有员工1400多人,拥有48条国际先进的生产流水线、2个模具开发车间、3个产品设计中心,并设有单独的企划部、培训部、管理部、物流部和售后服务中心等多个功能部门。 公司还引进世界领先的实验检测设备,实行自主研发,生产和销售。拥有40多项产品设计专利,营销网络遍布全国各地;产品远销欧洲,美洲,东南亚,中东,俄罗斯等国家和地区。


       Guangdong Zhongshan LOVOV Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.,is a large-scale international enterprise established by LOVOV in China ,dedicated to electric devices including wall switch,multi-function socket,etc.The company is situated in Zhongshan,Guangdong Province,more than 44,000 m2 in site area.Boasting of over 1.400 employess,it is equipped with 48 internationally leading production lines,2 die development shops and 3 product design centers,as well as independen functional departments including the planning department,marketing department.training department.administration depart-ment,logistics department,after-sale service center,etc. The company has also in troduced latest testing and inspection devices for independent R&D ,production and dis-tribution.While the company enjoys more than 40 design patents,the marketing network is spread all over China.The products are being exported to such countries and regions like Europe.South and North America,Southeast Asia.Middle East,Russia,etc.

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